Once-A-Month Cooking is the ultimate do-ahead dinner preparation technique.
The secret of the Once-A-Month Cooking technique is that you cook all your dinner main dishes for a month (or two weeks) in one day, freeze them, and enjoy eating tasty food every night without the hassle of lengthy meal preparation. We provide the menu cycles, shopping lists, recipes that include lots of good nutrition and variety, and step-by-step instructions for putting it all together.

You don’t have to be well organized or a good cook to successfully accomplish Once-A-Month Cooking. But you do need to expect and plan to:

  • Take a longer-than-usual shopping trip, preferably the day or night before you cook.
  • Spend the bulk of your month’s food budget on this shopping trip (saving money over the course of the month).
  • Cook with a partner for maximum fun and efficiency.
  • Cook half a day for a two-week cycle, a full day for a month cycle.
  • Love the freedom and possibilities this will bring to mealtimes.
  • Enjoy family-building times around the table.
  • Take the stress out of having company for dinner.

To get started, select a two-week menu cycle out of either of the books Once-A-Month Cooking or Once-A-Month Cooking Family Favorites. You may also choose to download:

- a free one-week cycle
- menu charts from Once-A-Month Family Favorites to print
- sample shopping lists to print

Want some hands-on training?
Speaking schedules for Mimi Wilson and Mary Beth Lagerborg HERE.

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